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Oct 01

Enterprise: Fight or Flight (Ep 1.03)

The title of this episode is taken from a list of survival instinct responses – fight, flight, fright and f… Next week’s episode covers fright, the week following covers the latter response. This episode, however, gives the crew of the Enterprise its first taste of alien contact and the decision between fight and flight. The crew is antsy, not having come across any aliens for weeks. “But we’re travelling at Warp 5, there’s gotta be someone out here,” Archer declares. Nonetheless, they come across a vessel adrift in space which they brashly take to exploring. It’s a typical Trek scenario, except that this crew is very green. Anyway, the way things turn out is that the comms officer, Hoshi, has to step in to save the day. Of course, you wouldn’t expect it. She’s a whiner, has no self-confidence, and wants to go home. By the end of the episode, however, her attitude does a 180 and she “adapts”. Erm, this is just not believable. I mean, come on – she becomes more fluent in Axononian in 5 hours than I am in French… and I studied that for 5 years. Also, the personality change is pretty abrupt, no long term character development here! Nonetheless the episode is interesting, especially now how Starfleet are the technologically deficient ones. Getting used to the different perspective will take a little time, but for now, seeing a view of Starfleet we are not familiar with is refreshing.