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Oct 01

Enterprise: Broken Bow (Ep 1.01)

I saw the pilot episode of Enterprise over the long weekend. Putting aside the disruption to the trek “history” this series causes (until this series, the NX-01 Enterprise never existed), it’s actually a fairly decent show. Possible spoilers ahead. Seems like with the intro music (now with lyrics!), the intro’s retro montage sequence, gel rub scenes complete with fingers slipping down the backs of women’s underwear (etc.), Berman is trying to make Trek more mainstream. Because the series is also set in the “past” (relatively speaking), the environment is not the slick, high-tech trekkian decor we are used to – it’s a more familiar surrounding which may serve to put non-trekkies a little more at ease? After having gotten used to the idea that the Klingons are now not the bad guys in TNG/DS9/VOY, we now find they are the bad guys again (or at least going to be bad). Furthermore, Starfleet knows little about them and there’s no such thing as a universal translator so we can’t understand their gutteral language.

The casting seems fine with the usual mix of genders and races. Bakula seems to be a haughty sort of person and fits the role nicely. As for the cast as a whole fitting into their characters – first episodes always are unpolished (just look at TNG for a prime example). Give them the season to settle in.

Is it just me or do the Vulcans show more hints of emotion than we’re accustomed to? How come the Klingons have their ridged foreheads again? Doesn’t the the Doctor sound like Garak?

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