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Oct 01


Just browsing the geographical stats from my counter logs. I found it quite amazing to discover what countries some visitors to this site come from. Interesting that from a third of the world there have only been 10 visits – 9 from India (population 1bn), 1 from China (population 1.2bn). Granted people from there have no reason to visit this site, but there’ve been over 110 visits from Saudi Arabia, 4 from Namibia, 4 from the Faroe Islands…

100+ visits
USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium.

Finland, Portugal, Norway, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Denmark, Israel, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Poland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Russian Federation.

Taiwan, India, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Iceland, Namibia, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, Faroe Islands, Turkey, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Oman, Bulgaria, Bermuda, Nicaragua, San Marino, Chile, Philippines, Slovenia, Macedonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Venezuela, Jordan, Lithuania, Colombia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, China, Lebanon, Nepal, Yemen, Paraguay, South Korea, Uruguay, Ukraine.