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Oct 01

Back-end Revamp

Welcome back. The site has been offline for a couple weeks now for an update. On the front-end side, you’ll see that not much has changed. The back-end, however, has changed completely. Before, you see, the backend consisted of me, a flat-text database and a copy of Frontpage. The backend has given me much headache. I’ve been developing it on my machine which has php4. Unfortunately my web host only has php4 as a cgi executable and not compiled as an Apache module. In effect, this means my code uses some critical functions that work on my computer, but break horribly on this server because of the older version of php3 in use. So, I spent a fair bit of time coding workarounds for these problems.

Anyhow, from your perspective the following things have changed:

  • More frequent updates by me (honest!). Things will be back to normal.
  • Posts are categorised and are permalinkable.
  • The List is now mostly automated. Submit requests to be added to the list through the form provided.
  • The Soapbox is run off a database now.
  • RSS feed added.
  • Experimental site templating (links at the bottom of this page).

From my perspective, maintaining this site is a lot easier. Let me know when you find any bugs.