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Sep 01


The Ornery American makes a well argued, albeit over-extreme, viewpoint of how to respond to the September 11 attack.

In reality, however, it will take more “reinforcement” to obtain unity within the American public that the author says is requrired to take such an action – that is, further terrorist attacks. The September 11 attack was significant, but the American public still has a measure of faith in their security (especially with the heightened state of alertness the nation is in). Only when that faith fails, will there be enough momentum behind a large scale war. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that stage, however.

A point that the author perhaps neglects to mention is that all out war could send the Islamic community psychotic. Conventional war and “rules of engagement” could quickly got out the window. These fanatics would rather die than see their land be subjugated. If pushed, and they turn to bioweapons, or (if they have the capability), nuclear devices – and then what is the world to do?

This extra article answers those people who believe in a pacifist response (that is, no response at all).

If you delve into things a bit further, the writer of the articles turns out to be OSC. If you have read Ender’s Game, you’ll realise the similarities of the site to the things in his book (to do with Locke and Demosthenes).