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Jun 01


Another monolithic update during a break from studying the finer points of link-layer protocols (networks exam is next Tuesday). I now “know” more than I ever wanted to know about PPP, multiple access protocols and 802.11. Handed in that bastard revised research proposal yesterday.

Everyone’s been drooling over this 61″ (1.55m) plasma TV from NEC. I’d hate to think of the cost. A 40″ one goes for about $13k, a 51″ for about $40k+.

An interesting archive of subway/train system network maps all around the world. The full New York MTA map is simply gigantic.

I have a Malaysian flatmate and he’s got the typical thick, distinctive Malaysian accent. He speaks fluent Manglish. Anyhow the Coxford Singlish Dictionary has a rather comprehensive list of Singlish/Manglish phrases. (Singlish is Singaporean English, Manglish is Mangled (Malaysian) English. Because those two countries are a melting pot of cultures and language dialects, many expressions from dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay are integrated into English. This, combined with a restructuring of English grammar, produces a unique variant of English. Sometimes very blur one, lah.)

Here’s a few things I got for my b’day:

  • HP Scanjet 5370c
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Southpark figurines
  • A couple DVDs
  • Some clothing
  • 2 brandy schooners
  • “A Cookbook for a man who probably owns only one saucepan” (yeh that’s me :)
  • A lesson on how to drive a manual. I got my Ps on an auto, and the only time I’ve driven a manual was briefly on a friend’s 100-acre property using his ute… So my cousin got a rental car from Thrifty and spent the day teaching me how to drive car with a gear stick. The only problem with learning at this stage of driving is I didn’t have L or P plates to hide behind. So whenever I stalled, people just think “what a shit driver, how did this guy get his license?” (never got horned though, funnily enough). I had problems with shifting into first gear smoothly without jerking the car… he was going to make me drive through Burger King drive-through, but I talked him out of it :) “Would you like an air freshener to go with that burning clutch?” Anyway by the end of the day most of the problems I had were straightened out and I now know how to drive a manual.
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