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Jun 01


You would not believe how fucking busy it has been over the last month. Hell, I can’t believe it myself. It doesn’t end until the 26th, when session ends. I hereby promise to return to regular updates after then. But for now…

  • Networking assignment I had to do was enough to turn me off Java for a very long time.
  • Air in the computer labs is bad (talk about B.O. and computer/software engineers!). I reckon I caught the flu from a few too many hours in those labs.
  • Had a birthday dinner last night at a Spanish restaurant on Liverpool. The paella is better in Spain than in Sydney.
  • Pearl Harbour (yes, spelt with a “u”) is not worth it.
  • Valentine is certainly not, either.
  • Moulin Rouge may or may not be worth it (depends on your tastes).
  • Series 7 is worth it (considering I got in for free :).
  • Went to a Trek convention yesterday. Guests were all from Voyager – Roxann Dawson, Garrett Wang (pronounced “Wong” apparently), and Tim Russ. All Trek actors seem to have two things in common. They are all (1) theatre trained and (2) wannabe singers. It was an expensive day. The convention organisers are running a mint when they hold those events. Managed to nab a few autographs (at a price, like everything else there). Nonetheless it was an absolute blast, more details later.
  • This site rocks.