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Nov 00

Star Trek DS9: Sons and Daughters (Ep 6.3)

This episode, as its title references to, is about Worf’s Son, Alexander “I’m a gronk” Roshenko, and Dukat’s Daughter, Ziyal. Interestingly enough, they are both cross-bred: Alex being ¾-Klingon and ¼-Human, and Ziyal half Bajoran/Cardassian. I didn’t care much for the Alexander-Worf plot, it did very little except resolve what happened to the kid (24th Century equivalent of “Where are they now”?). As I recall, although I could be wrong, he never prominently features again. So now we turn our attention to Ziyal. Dukat may be evil, but he I must say he is quite charismatic. Ziyal returns to the station, overjoyed at meeting Kira again. However, she’s caught amidst the high tensile conflict between Dukat and Kira. The scene where Ziyal is talking about her drawings was a little unsettling in that she was being praised simultaneously by the two of them while Kira and Dukat virtually ignored each other (I didn’t think they were trying to one-up each other with who could praise Ziyal more, but they certainly weren’t reinforcing each other’s praise). The scene where Dukat surprises Ziyal with the “gift” dress was amusing, and very telling of his personality. Not a great episode, with an inconsequential A-Plot, but the B-Plot sets up another variable…

Sidenote: I can never get used to the Klingon rituals where they cut their hands. It makes me cringe every time. Almost as bad as seeing someone slit their wrists.