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Nov 00

Star Trek DS9: Rocks and Shoals (Ep 6.2)

Nicely filmed episode with a somewhat bittersweet ending. We get an interesting insight into the Jem’Hadar and just how far they have been engineered for absolute loyalty (“It is not my life to give up, Captain … and it never was” is a confirmation of that). This is who the Federation is up against. This episode was directed nicely with the final fight scene lapsing into some well shot slo-mo sequences accompanied by a good musical score. Not only do we get an insight into the loyalties of the Jem’Hadar, but also of the Vorta to the Founders. Despite the Cardassian occupation of the station, Odo has managed to establish a Bajoran security detachment on board (much to Dukat’s dismay) – simply because he is a founder in the eyes of Weyoun. The dissent between Weyoun and Dukat is also something to keep an eye on. While this occupation isn’t as horrific as The Occupation several years prior, the opposition is just as strong as evidenced by the Vedek’s suicide on the promenade – an act which zaps Kira into taking action in the form of a “new resistance”. Till next week, then.