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Nov 00

Star Trek DS9: Favor The Bold (Ep 6.5)

Another mover and shaker episode. Let’s do a recap of the Alpha Quadrant as it stands.

The Cardassians have formed an alliance with the Dominion and are in control of DS9. A self-replicating minefield devised by a “diabolical” Ferengi stands between the Alpha Quadrant and a truckload of Jem’Hadar reinforcements (who must be getting quite edgy in the Gamma Quadrant). Meanwhile, Bajor lives under a non-aggression pact signed with the Dominion. The Federation is fighting a war on a frontline, which now extends past DS9, allied with the Klingons by necessity. Gul Dukat heads Cardassia alongside Weyoun and a female changeling. This episode sees the Dominion making a breakthrough – they have begun to bring down the minefield (Damar having leaked the news to Quark over yet another booze sharing session).

Dukat is having family problems with Ziyal. Both Kira and Damar are right in saying he cares very much for her. What is in question is, is Dukat really an “intergalactic despot” or does he really care about Bajor? Evidence points to the former, but there is still that ounce of doubt. We also see Damar get bashed up by Kira (how humiliating!). There is a priceless scene where Weyoun is trying to evaluate the aesthetic qualities of one of Ziyal’s paintings, another insight on the genetical engineering of the Founders. Can genetical engineering dictate whether an entity has the ability to appreciate a good painting? Eyesight and hearing, yes, but to alter judgement of aesthetics – an intangible process? An interesting question they’ve subtlely raised (whether that was a point the writers were trying to make, I don’t know, but that’s what I got from it). Anyhow, as I was saying, they’ve started taking down the minefield. La RĂ©sistance manages to smuggle out a message warning Sisko of this via Morn leaving the station for his mother’s birthday. Sisko decides they can’t wait for the Klingons to join in and decides to grab two fleets and head for DS9. En route he runs into the defending force of over 1200 Dominion/Cardassian ships. Outnumbered two to one, we have to wait till next ep to see what happens. Odo meanwhile has been locked in the link, an experience more fufilling than the “limited form of intimacy” solids have (man, that must be really something… linking is better than sex and Odo was in it for 3 days straight!) I really am starting to believe that the Founders are a bunch of megalomanical, egotistical nymphomaniacs. So what of Odo? In the closing scenes, we see him start to do what looks like a 180. As they say, absense makes the heart grow fonder, and it seems love springs eternal (ok I’ll stop it with the proverbs now :). He chases after Kira and apologises. However, she, in a cold rage, correctly points out, “we are way, way, beyond sorry.”