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Nov 00

Star Trek DS9: Behind the Lines (Ep 6.4)

Sisko obviously longs for the bridge but his elevated status has relegated him to a desk job planning the “Bolian Offensive”. Meanwhile Dax has taken command of the Defiant and has successfully gone out and destroyed the Argolas Array. The war is going badly for the Federation, even though we hear of these successful missions. Kira, back on the station, realises this too and is determined to proceed with her Resistance movement. Things are not going too well for her either. Quark (“I just had Kanar… with Damar!”) learns Damar has discovered how to bring down the self-replicating minefield, and an attempt to thwart this sees Rom ending up in jail. All this being Odo’s fault who seems to have taken a sinister turn after being linked with another Founder. In a strange turn, Odo seems to have developed a superiority complex that transcends his feelings for Kira. The Link must be really something. Odo has described being linked as a “sexual experience”, so one can only conclude that being in the Great Link must be the shapeshifter equivalent of a planetwide orgy. Ok. Moving right along…