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Oct 00

The Emperor and The Assassin

Went to Dendy’s down at the Quay last night to catch this Chinese film. It was a highly engrossing historical film about the unification of the Chinese kingdoms by the (later) Qin dynasty around 221 b.c. More intriguing than usual as it is about Chinese history, and I am, of course, of Chinese descent but know very little about its history, cultural roots and heritage. Made for a welcome change from the usual Hollywood flick at Hoyts. A highly recommended watch.

What I also find interesting is that the film earned in Australia, an MA (15+ restricted) rating. In Singapore, known for its tight censorship laws, it got a PG (parental guidance) rating. It’s not hard to see why that would have been the case, given the (Asian) cultural aspects expressed in the film.

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