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Sep 00


• “I’m not a mother fucking leprachaun. I am going to go murder Squirrels. Hold my pot of gold, Inferno.” –Irish (you’re a worry)
• “school sucks” –Dav@School
• “Holy shit… I finally got a T1 here at school. Man, my 56K is gonna suck when I get home again” –Tom
• “wow what happened to http://morsetka.nathanism.com ?…who would do such a thing?! :::snicker:::” –SiC
• “Damnitttt the family dog is trying to eat my head again! Arrrgh!” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “sung, you’re korean…what’s “la” mean? I mean, you should know and everything….what’s ‘la’ mean?” –GStarr
• “glad to see you back online!  Missed you!” –nettie
• “Yes, www.pageofmisc.com is finally back up, and for a limited time only – you can watch me peel the carrot there. =)” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “i came here with my d*** in my hand, don’t make me leave here with my foot in your ass.” –kalebsan
• “*sends the rain clouds your way* I sick of dark skys…i as pale as a ghost… :)” –nettie

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