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Sep 00

Revised Train Timetables

After a late night at uni, got to Central around midnight. No trains back to Campbelltown via East Hills! I ended up having to take the Granville train back. Stupid announcer made a mistake, announcing, “This is the Campbelltown via Granville service. Terminating a Lidcombe, first stop Redfern…” (If it terminates at Lidcombe, which it didn’t, thankfully, why say it goes to Campbelltown?) Luckily I’m on holidays now – there’s a big sign at Campbelltown station saying that the carparks will be closed for the duration of the Olympics. WHY? Where is everyone going to park?

One good thing, though – trains are running 24 hours as of next week. Trains from the city leave for Campbelltown every 15 minutes which is awesome cos I’ll never have to worry about how I’m going to get home after a late night out.

[Re: No Bins] Haven’t you seen those people walk up and down the trains in the morning picking up the junk with an arm and bag?
How many indians have you seen getting free travel using fake passes? –Sleeper

Speaking of the Olympics… here’s that link off Burgatronics where a bunch of guys buggered off with an Olympic torch after crashtackling two cops, an escort runner and the torchbearer. They then proceed to, uh… enthusiastically stroke the torch in various… positions. Complete with pictures.