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Sep 00

Opening Ceremony & More

I must say that the opening ceremony was quite impressive. Despite the governor general stuttering “Sss-sss-Sydney”, hitting the microphone when he tried to clap, the Olympic pledges not being memorised and the cauldron’s mechanical failure, it was definitely memorable. I was watching in Strathfield, and it was funny seeing the fireworks go off on tele, to be shortly followed by the sound of them coming from outside and a slight rattling of the windows.

I haven’t, as yet, spoken to anyone who hasn’t had something positive to say about the Sydney games. Still, you have cynics. Strangely enough, I’ve only seen the cynicism on web sites. A crackhead here, a Melbournite there etc. Guess that’s to be expected. There are still people who think cynicism is the “in” thing… ah well. I mean, if you’re indifferent to the games, why do you need to mention it? It’s funny that, in their whining about not being able to go anywhere without seeing stuff about the Olympics, they’ve imprinted stuff about it on their very own web site.

Remember that “I Am Canadian” ad posted on Brain Damage a while back? Australia’s got their version of it now… it even runs for exactly the same duration as the canuckian one (Quicktime formatted). It rocks, naturally.