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Sep 00


I got lucky. I got a free Class A ticket to see yesterday’s (Day 13) afternoon/evening session of Athletics. The 200m semis/finals and long jump finals were incredible. There are pros and cons to watching an event live, but one of the biggest pros is definitely the atmosphere. I could’ve jacked the hi-fi volume to max at home and it still wouldn’t have matched the volume generated in Stadium Oz when Jai Taurima ran up for long jump. I also got to meet the team doctor of the Wallabies, Michael Jamieson, so that was pretty cool (turns out his dad, Ted, is a friend of my uncle and his wife sort of knows my dad – coincidences, eh?).

Olympic Park from space.

Someone should compile all 16 showings of Fatso’s Favourites offa The Dream.

Speaking of Fatso, they are flogging off Olympic memorabilia here and here. Fatso was going for over $3 million, last time I checked. By auctioning him off on eBay, they were asking for trouble. I wonder how they are going to sell him off now?

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