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Sep 00

Nokia News

Nokia released a new phone this week – the Nokia 3310. It’s basically the new model replacing the 3210. Looks similar (equally spiffy). Probably the most bizarre feature is the screensaver available for it. It uses anything in picture message format to display on the phone after a certain period of inactivity. Cute, but LCDs don’t really experience phosphor burn-in like CRT monitors do :) No WAP support, however. I’m still hanging out for the 6210 which is slated to be out in Europe in October, so hopefully it’ll be in Australia soonish.

Finally got an answer to the question: What is the difference between the 8210 & 8550 that makes the 8550 twice the 8210’s price? In a nutshell, the 8550 is the yuppie’s phone – the difference in price comes from the 8850 being a “status symbol”. The extra $600-700 for the 8850 certainly doesn’t reside in the differences in phone features. The 8850 is made of the now-trendy-in-gadgets anodised aluminium, has a white backlight, a sliding case which ends calls/protects the keypad and has an internal antenna which is slightly bigger (meaning marginally better reception). The phone software is identical except that the 8210’s is labelled NSM-3, and the 8850 is NSE-3. That’s it. So now you know that the people with 8850s are yuppies with too much money :).