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Sep 00

Fun With Foreigners

It’s 3am. I’m about to call it a night, but out of the blue a random ICQ message comes from a Honkie by the name of Kong (apparently a horny 17 year old) and the following conversation ensues (I was being a slack bastard… but hey, it was late :)

Honkie: hihi, iwant to ask u are there very open in australia?
Me: very open?
Honkie: i mean about sex!
Me: oh yeah… they do it in the streets
Honkie: really, then have u ever c it?

[Now thinking, “Is this guy for real?”]

Me: all the time! why do you ask?
Honkie: coz i will go to ur sch, and i want to know will i have sex experience in australia!
Me: UNSW? yeah… plenty there. just add alcohol
Honkie: then are the girls in unsw have so many sex partner?
Me: yes. i think they are known as sluts.
Honkie: then will i need to pay money for it?
Me: not at all… no money needed

[Ok, now I was wondering how far I could push this…]

Read the rest of the conversation. (Easily offended? Then don’t click. Don’t worry, doesn’t contain anything explicit.)

HAHAHAHA… well, goes to show that that “tips for Olympic visitors” mail I sent to List-en isn’t as ridiculous as it may sound