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Aug 00


• “do what I did, babe. find another hit counter. :)” –GStarr (But I like Extreme-dm…)
• “You know, if a cow had a chance, it would kill you AND your family..” –Matto
• “where can i buy sea monkees? – love your insomiac PA chic” –nettie
• “What the hell are sunnies????” –Fallen Angel (sunglasses, of course)
• “I’ve been up for 48 hours straight. Eating Grilled Cheese sandwiches and watching MTV2 will do that to you.” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “I think I just… yep, I just farted.” –sLim
• “i am writting to say hi from my unlce’s house :) far away from my home, i’ll be home in a few days :)  byes” –nettie

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