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Aug 00

Non-solid state memory MP3 Players

Various replies. I’m not sure if any are available in Australia, but I’m sure some are orderable from over the net and accommodate for international shipping.

Golar: Review of the Mambo-X and MPTrip from IGN For Men. Neither look to be exciting.
Outsider: Refers to Thinkgeek, which is where I bought my Photon Light from.
Matto: MP3.com.au (includes car players)
Kyp: Hardware.mp3.com
Golar (again): hardware.dmusic.com (anyone remember the days when Dimension Music used to be an illegal mp3s site?) DM has a nice MP3 listing. RCA’s RP2410 looks good, as does the iRad-C (although the latter is a component for home hi-fis).

Also, the exorbitantly-priced-runs-on-Linux Empeg car player.