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Aug 00

More Handball

In answer to the handball query, here in Melbourne it was known as downball…played in two forms, against a wall, and in a court in the middle of our school’s quadrangle. Other than that I don’t know much about it, being so very very bad at it and all.
Mikal 5

yeah, but never heard of wogs. i think it’s similar 2 like “grabs” or something which some ppl did mainly on the backhand side. which i think we tried 2 ban after a while. we had the 4 rectangle courts in wyvern (prep school) then the 6 rectangle courts in the main school. and sometimes we got many ppl 2 play over like 3 courts or something. so it was a bit of a challenge serving 2 the old king or ace. looking thru the journal, we also had poison, interference and also i think we had something called “challenge no breaks” between 2 ppl and if u lost in the lower square u ended up in dunce and if u won, i think u swapped squares with the person. i think we scrapped the “lines” rule after a while. i hated rolls since i tended 2 lose. also i think the king could request a player 2 hit back 2 him so he could slog some1 out
Pistol Pete

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