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Aug 00

More Handball

But the lines rule (which was mostly used in year 4 5 or 6. Well at least i think it was?) was when if it hit the line and was clearly not in anybodys court. You had to have a showdown between the two of you to see who will win. This rule was clearly banned in later years because there was so meny fights. And was sometimes really boring if we were playing 6 or 9 squares.

Another thing I remember about handball was the names of the squares. Like King (or acE dont know why?) queen, Jack, dunce, double dunce, triple dunce, and more. We had even more names like like prince and princess and stuff but that was clearly ousted because of the (“Princess! HAHA you a poofter now ner ner”) factor.. :)

At our school a big rule was you had to ask the “Boss” before you could join a game. Which was really a problem for me cuz i had the ball so I was the boss hehe :)

Anyway handball was truely THE aussie game. Up there with backyard cricket.

Yep, we had it in Albury schools too. There were quite a few variants, the one with the queue and aces and intos, and ones played against a wall, and the adjacent squares type with no hierarchy aside from the server.

U’grads also played it at UNSW at one stage when I was there, where they were lampooned in Tharunka. The handball they play in the Olympics is completely different. That’s sort of a hand-oriented version of soccer, somewhat reminiscent of waterpolo, except played on land of course. It’s popular in Europe but almost unheard of in Australia.

Are you sure none of you yanks have heard of it?

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