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Aug 00

Intacta Code

About the Intacta code I mentioned yesterday:

If that GoCode thing holds 400 bytes per cm^2, then a 3 by 4 square would be 12 cm^2, which would hold 400 * 12 = 4800 bytes…which is about 5 kilobytes, not 5 megabytes :) So, it would be cool for sharing small text files, putting your PGP key on a business card, etc, etc, but dont expect to be swapping postage stamps that have mp3s or full motion video on them (unless Australia uses big stacks of paper as postage stamps *grin*)

I picked up on that too. But, assuming the magazine wasn’t incorrect – I’d also assume that the cm it is talking about isn’t, in fact square, but a cm line one pixel wide. However, this would mean the 5MB pic would have to be roughly 4167 pixels high within the 4 cm block. 4cm is roughly 1.5 inches, so you’d need a scanner capable of over 2000 dpi. Intacta says you only need a scanner capable of 300dpi, so I can only conclude that E-Mag Screwed Up. :)

Here’s a press release from Intacta that gives more information.