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Jul 00


• “Have you ever taken a red dot away from someone?” –David (Yes.)
• “Sung is Alex’s mommy?” –GStarr
• “how much suffering must i endure before simpleminded.org gets a red dot… oh the agony” –Theseus
• “That WinME review guy needs his lips pried from Microsoft’s ass with a crowbar!!” –Bonhomme de Neige
• “Look behind you!” –Matto (sent when I was standing in the quad building, back to a wall :)
• “Do or do not. There is no Try..!! yes hehe !” –Matto
• “When I say GRILLED…you say CHEESE! Let’s get this party started right!” –Grilled Cheese Man
• “my site is back, sooo do your thing sexay.  www.sungs.net” –Sung
• “does a new logo and some new colours count as a redesign? www.billyjoebob.web.com” –billyjoebob (not really, but you just plugged it anyhow)
• “my icq is fine…not shat at all ;)” –GStarr
• “don’t listen to Alex” –Val