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Jul 00


• “YAY!  I won!  Ha ha, eat me, SilverWeed. :)” –Alex
• “wow – two new posters and a 3d logo – that MUST count as an update….. www.billyjoebob.web.com” –billyjoebob
• “I too have often wondered about the bottles on the front lawn and where the hell they went. No-one seems to know” –Nick 4wood
• “you know grilled cheese man, eh? well i eat grilled cheese. conform christian, conform!!!” –Hebrew Willy
• “I’m watching you from inside this video camera disguised as a phone, just wanted to let you know.” –SilverWeed
• “Hey stu, can you put a message on hearye about how e/nirc is moving to irc.m00.net? The current channel has been taken over, thx.” –SilverWeed (E/n on IRC is ridiculous. It’s like an itinerant worker… moving every second month.)
• “If I made SEX PROJECT T-shirts would anyone buy them? I know I would.” –Guruchild