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Jul 00

Sleep Project Results

Some stats from this:

• Of the total participants in the survey 43% were male and 57% female.
• The overall average sleep over 24 hours was 8 hours 1 minute. Men, on average slept for 7 hours and 59 minutes while women slept, on average, 8 hours and 3 minutes.
• According to the survey, Northern Territorians get the most sleep (8 hrs 16 mins) matched at the other end of the country by Tasmanians who come close (8 hrs 14 mins) and South Australians (8 hrs 10 mins).
• Those in the ACT, Queensland and NSW all get less than 8 hours (7 hrs 57 mins; 7 hrs 56 mins; 7 hrs 58 mins)
• West Australians (8 hrs 2 mins) and Victorians (8 hrs 5 mins) are closest to the overall average.
• Of course averages are only averages. (A person with their head in the oven and their feet in the freezer could still overall have an ‘average’ body temperature).
• I averaged about 6 hours a night including naps on the train.