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Jul 00


As I was hoping, the Court of Appeals issued a stay and Napster will remain in operation until the court trial reaches a decision. Offspring are selling a new “Save Napster” t-shirt.

Interesting some of the defenses that come out of this from fans. Whatever the case, it is impossible to justify breaching copyright. An artist who releases their work commercially owns the rights to it. It doesn’t matter if downloading a sample prompts you to buy the album. The majority of people do not buy the CD of the songs they download. However, with the issue of file sharing and the Net – it is impossible to stop this transfer of copyrighted work. What use is an unenforceable law (in the case of distributed file sharing)? What the RIAA is trying to do is futile and damaging their reputation with the fans. Instead of trying to shut down Napster, it should be trying to capitalise on it – there certainly are positives that come out of it (even the activity is illegal). All this is nothing new to you, I’m sure.