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Jul 00

Gone In 60 Seconds at Fox Hoyts

It was reading G’s enticing post on Shimmer Like A Girl that did it. Yesterday, we went to a La Premiere session of Gone In 60 Seconds at Hoyts Fox Studios. “La Premiere, the premier level in cinema entertainment, is the ultimate indulgence at an affordable price. Ticket holders can relax in an exclusive lounge with complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and popcorn.” Of course, the affordable price means that people still piss all over the floor in those “exclusive lounge” toilets. Nonetheless, it was so different, and extravagant from the ordinary experience that I virtually felt guilty for going there in the first place.

There’s unlimited popcorn and drinks (fill up a few cups to take into the cinema!). The seats are about the best movie-seeing chairs I’ve sat in. The slouch-inducing bottom of the chair actually is sloped backwards meaning you can’t even sit up straight without effort. I could see myself falling asleep in them. There’s also plenty of legroom. As for the seating location, it was up at the back – not too far from the screen, though. We got a centre seat and as a result got great sound. The ticket on a Tuesday is cheaper, at around $18 (it was $16 pre-GST). If you ever get a chance, try it out. You’ll like it, I guarantee.

Gone In 60 Seconds was a fun movie. Mmm… those cars! (Unfortunately we never get to see those more exotic cars going at ridiculous speeds) Mmm… Angelina Jolie (unfortunately we don’t get to see much of her, either). There’s a relatively low level of action for most of the movie, with the main action scene appearing at the end. It doesn’t, however, get boring any place. Go see this movie for the cars, if nothing else.