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Jul 00

Europe Backpacking Trip

I dunno if I should be making this post, but it wasn’t my idea. It’s actually on the request of a friend. That said, a bunch of friends and myself (four of us in total) are planning to go backpacking across Europe during the Summer holidays at the end of the year (yeah yeah, it’s fricking cold and mid-Winter in Europe and we’ll freeze our asses off there as I’ve been told more than once). We start our trek in dreary-skied London and work our way around Europe. However, we got some sort of plane ticket deal where we get a chance to stop over in the USA for a bit before going to Europe. Which brings me to the question. We have a choice between NYC, and LA. I’ve been told NYC is better but last time I was there I froze my ass off (ok so that’s going to happen in Europe anyway, but why extend the suffering?). Now, that’s not all. Being poor uni students, it would be great if we could scab discount accommodation off someone. So I was just wondering, on the very slim possibility that, if there was anyone who reads this page, living in either NYC or LA or thereabouts, who would be willing to shelter us Aussies for the few days we are in the States. Anyone willing to express even a hint of interest?

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