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Jul 00

Communal Crier

Congratulations to Dennis (and his wife) who will soon be a proud father (mother)!

[17:44] <Mike> Whoa, Dennis is pregnant.
[17:44] <Surebrec> haha
[17:44] <Inferno> dennis is pregnant?
[17:44] <Fuzzi_Sparkler> ok. isnt’ that a guy
[17:44] <Mike> Er, Dennis’ wife.
[17:44] <Inferno> ahh
[17:44] <Surebrec> LOL

Hrm. I need to write up a script that will go through the linklist and pull out all addresses which return a 404 error.

• billyjoeblog – Blog?? Maintained by Blogger?? What is this??
• Garboxil Syndrome
• GSpot

• SynNet

• The Abode

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