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Jun 00

Thank You

A very big thank you to everyone (whether personally known or not) wishing mum, and the rest of us, the best.

On reflection it’s not that strange posting her e-mail address up. Mum sees me on the net quite a bit, but never really knows what I’m actually doing. She knows that I keep a web page and that I communicate with people continents away that I’ve never met. As with most parents, she tends to be quite suspicious of “net people”. It came to her as a pleasant surprise then, that these people I spent all this time writing to, and communicating with (through this web page, or other form) cared enough so as to drop her (and me) an e-mail with some reassuring words. Thanks all, we definitely appreciate it.

Check out what Dennis put up in the top right of his site – what a nice gesture. Thanks man.

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