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Jun 00

More Bad News

This is from an e-mail my Uncle sent out to the family (regarding my grandfather):

Good and bad news about Dad. Good news is that he had his angiogram done sucessfully.

Bad news is that he had 100% blockage in one of the artery and a 90% blockage in a second one. The 90% blockage was successfuly re-opened, but the 100% blockage artery could not be re-opened because there is no room to insert the catheter because it was completely blocked. There a by-pass operation is necessary (ie surgery that involve taking a vein from somewhere else, usually from the leg, and grafting it into the affected coronary artery bypassing the blockage.

If the info is correct, then it was just as well that Dad had the angiogram, cause the blockage is serious. There are 3 major arteries to the heart, if 2 are blocked, then the blood flow to the heart is really compromised. The chances of Dad having a fatal heart attack is really high, like a timebomb ready to go off at any time.

I guess the good thing is that the problem has been spotted, and a bypass operation these days, while still major, is a well known procedure.