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Jun 00

Digital Camera .jpg Reprints

Dennis let me know of Shutterfly, but they only ship within the US. Kaber recommended Photoworks. I found a whole list of sites which reprint digital camera photos here at Epinions. However, interestingly enough, there was only one site that ships internationally (at US$5/shipment) which is Photoaccess. I reckon I’m gonna scam from them the “free 50 prints” they’re offering (on Kodak paper no less!). Pretty shoddy there’s only one site that does it… I mean, how hard is it to ship photos internationally?

The tip below would be more applicable for yanks, I think :)

Where I live you can take your digital pictures to Giant and they will develop them.  If there are no Giants around you, I suppose I should tell you theat they are our grocery stores.  There is just some crazy contraption right inside the door, and you slide your disk right in it.  It shows you a thumbnail of all the pictures on that disk and you pick which ones you want them to develop.  As I recall it is rather pricey –vit4077

And this tip is more local, but not exactly descriptive:

There is a place in Caringbah that prints photos out from digital format.  Only place in the state, or the 1st.  Not sure, it was on the window :-) –WaD

This tip from Kyp (yeah just had to rhyme that :) is more descriptive. I wonder if Camden has an Image Magic store? Mmm… technology in Camden… that would be impressive :)

Also, Kodak Image Magic stores usually have machines to process the photos (they accept floppy, SmartMedia and CD). Honestly, I think inkjet quality is better for the price you pay. There are a few stores in Victoria that have the machines, so I’d assume they have them in NSW too. –Kyp

Hmm could that be a business idea? “Proxy shipping”? Many US web sites only ship to US addresses, which is a shame because even with international shipping costs, many US goods turn out cheaper than Australia. I wonder if setting up a business that “forwards on” shipments from the US to elsewhere in the world would be a viable prospect?