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Apr 00

Think You’re Protected? HAH!

I find this incredibly ironic. Mobile phone users who think they are protecting their brains by using handsfree kits may actually be chanelling three times the amount of radiation into their bodies.

Warning issued about hands-free phone kits

LONDON (April 3, 2000 5:42 p.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com) – Hands-free kits for phones, designed to protect the health of cell-phone users, can actually increase levels of radiation transmitted to the brain, Britain’s Consumers’ Association warned Monday.

Researchers found two devices they tested acted as aerials, channeling three times as much radiation from the mobile telephone into the user’s head.

Sales of hands-free kits have rocketed amid reports linking mobile phone use to ill health, including possible brain tumors.

But test results from Which? — the trading arm of the Consumers’ Association — showed the devices did not provide protection.

“If you’re worried about levels of radiation from your mobile phone, you shouldn’t rely on a hands-free set,” said Graeme Jacobs, editor of Which? magazine.

“The two models we tested triple the radiation to your brain, though we still don’t know for certain whether that radiation is harmful.”

Jacobs said there was no conclusive evidence that mobile phone radiation caused health problems, but neither had the fears been discounted.

“International research is ongoing, but until conclusive evidence is available, users could limit their phone use if they are concerned about radiation,” he said.

Source: Nando Media. Of course, there’s still no conclusive proof that the radiation is harmful, but I don’t really believe that the radiation emitted is all harmless.