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Apr 00


What is this? Give-Inferno-a-big-head-day? (Not that I’m complaining :)

• “Down with chris herring!” –SilverWeed
• “.and up with Stu, cause he kicks ass.” –SilverWeed
• “*Adam Sandler voice* Hear Ye! blows my fuckin’ mind, mein!” –Irish
• “Hear Ye is the greatest e/n site out there.  That’s my final answer.” –Spaz
• “Irish….my mother may have screwed an Irish potato, but never the likes of you….” –entdiablo
• “Is the “Croc Hunter” real or a croc of shit?!” –entdiablo (huh?)
• “Not only was there Canadian flags, but also horseshit on the stairs … whats going on here?” –Noddy (damn Canucks…)
• “Soccer is a derivitive from England of the words Association Football (the governing body of Brit soccer)” –Noddy
• “I watched this nature show where the kangaroos had these long, long erections.  Kinda hypnotic if you saw it yourself.” –RegBarc112 (only if you look at sheep in the same way…)
• “The next person to say “wazzaap” to me is going to get a cap in their ass. That, my friend, is a promise!” –Tom