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Apr 00


• “Inferno, do you like cheese?  If so, what kind of cheese? And I’m still confused by your use of the word ‘unmaimed’ or whatever.” –Spaz
• “Every time I take a shit, I sneeze.  Does this mean I am allergic to shitting?” –da5id
• “hahaha….I thought you said biological twitching. btw….I’m tired of that kind of riddle.” –G Starr
• “I could get a good look at a T-bone steak if I stuck my head up a bulls ass, wouldn’t you rather take the butchers word for it?” –Irish
• “ent diablo: I had sex with your mother 9 months before you were born. ‘Nuff said.                   I <3 Stu” –Irish
• “I take pride in sueing wired-abuse, maybe i shouldn’t sue them for what i am sueing them for, but i am gay. Crack is a fool.” –Stile (is it really?)
• “I’m downloading the On The Prowl 95mb version.  And yes, I’m on dial-up.  Uhg.” –RegBarc112 (I feel your pain, bro)
• “If football is called soccer in the States, then what’s soccer mean?” –KPC (don’t ask me, we call it soccer too. The Poms call it football. Football here is rugby.)
• “well I think it’d make a lot of sense to take away all the xerox machines in the world because of all the plagarism and priacy….” -G Starr
• “I love you man!” -Surebrec (this is getting worrying. Let’s hope it’s all Platonic.)
• “Wow, I shouldnt have eaten so much chili. BRB, I need a fan…” –Tom
• “Nice piece of eristic news for ya at www.smh.com.au – Heads you lose: jury tosses coin” –Bonhomme De Neige (that is scary… “only in America”)
• “*hug* :)” –G Starr (one person for HAA Day! :)
• “how fucking long is your haul to work everyday? sheesh” –Solo (I told you it was 2 hours each way!)