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Apr 00


• “Something’s wrong with the soapbox *twitch*” –Spaz
• “Narf, efnet #e/n. Irish sucks.” –SilverWeed
• “What the hell does ‘unmaimed’ mean??  I looked it up at dictionary.com but it wasn’t listed.  I’m so confused.” –Spaz (uh… it’s a fabricated word stemming from “maim”)
• “The easter bunny is after me!  Save yourself!” –Surebrec
• “Is Foster’s REALLY Australlian for beer?” –KPC (Of course. If you came to Australia and asked for Foster’s, you’d get beer.)
• “i don’t see a big difference in weblogs and e/n sites…  just a difference in the people that do them.” –sonic junkie
• “Is “Irish” really Irish?  That would explain alot…” –ent diablo (actually, that is a very good point…)