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Apr 00


• “These aren’t houses you’re buying! These are stocks, they go down!” –SilverWeed
• “cut my life into pieces. this is my last resort.” –russ
• “Why doesn’t the stupid Trick’s Rabbit just steal the Tricks from the small, inferior children? He’s huge compared to them!” –Chibi Knt
• “I farted and it smelled like ranch salad dressing. Weird, eh?” –Irish (you again.)
• “Why the hell would Guess file a lawsuit against Wired-Abuse??  I loved that site.  Damn the man and his lawsuits!” –Spaz
• “shave my llama you crispy salty bacon rasher – you know it’s true stu – why do you persist in denying it?” –billyjoebob (uh. right.)
• “I posted porno… that is why baefed.com was suspended…  Is that so wrong???” –da5id (only if it violates your TOS)
• “If 2 wrongs don’t make a right, how the hell do you get one?” –KPC
• “Jesus loves you Inferno.” –Spaz
• “Quick, drink the evidence and hide the dick behind your head!” –Edge
• “Don’t shoot, I’m a human!” – Resident Evil 2 Intro quote” –David

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