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Apr 00


• “Shakespear: Your site sucks assvomit. Get a new fucking layout you pansy. Oh Inferno, I was whacking and my dick started to bleed.” –Irish
• “Palm SUCKS, and why arent you on the BAMF irc server? oh, and i already sexed tba’s mother good, sorry :(” –SilverWeed (darest thou insult the Palm?! heresy!)
• “bacon” -billyjoebob (someone has a fixation with frying pigs)
• “what’s that website again? its like ub/ss/girl or something. you said I could win something shiny by going to it. :)” –GStarr (It’s /usr/bin/girl – I’m not sure what happened to the contest)
• “whee! I got 361,575 on dopewars…(it WAS luck, darnit)” –GStarr
• “Roger, reading u 5 by 5, pupa zulu alpha 632, SIR” –WaD
• “stumbled upon ur page fr a link.. good one there :)” –Velle (wow, a new name!)
• “The answer to the riddle is: “I like to bang indians.” “Take you to my house, on the couch, ya. Knock your pussy out, ya!” *rambli” –Irish (haha! message truncated before he could get the plug in!!)

To Irish I say: Get A Life. I just got a barrage of 14 SMSes from him which I refuse to put up. The last one read: “Ok, that was the first part and the main chorus… its juveniles Back dat azz up.  Ill send you the rest in your mail.”

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