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Apr 00


• “*wink*.. yep.. *wink* – you know.” –SilverWeed
• “codeine is really a GAY site, but i’m the only one who is able to realize it.” –Anonymous (Coward)
• “I am a sophisticated love machine sent back through time with one mission, to pleasure TBA’s mother.” –tin
• “I’m bored at work and feel like typing.  Indulge me.  :)  La la la la la la la la la.  Thank you, tip your waiter.” –atroxi
• “I THINK I SHOT A LEPRECHAUN!” –russ (does that mean you still get the pot of gold?)
• “Between downloading gay porn and messaging here Irish just doesnt have time for a social life” -Shakespear
• “Inferno.  Hear me.  Tonight, it ends.  No more.  It ends.  It must.  Farewell.” -Zeffe
• “The eagle has left the nest. The birds are migrating north. The square block has been put in the hole. Your days are numbered.” –Theseus :)
• “I’m jackin off to gay porn with Wrongforum and TBA in a huge gangbang as I type this.  Doesn’t that just make you so horney?” –Spaz (*shudder*)
• “Interesting conspiracy…well I’m returning my startac organizer for a palm v. This thing has been disapointing indeed.” –Roosh (go the Palm! :)