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Apr 00

Riddle Ye! III – Continued

Ok most of you didn’t read the riddle properly (see yesterday). Most said something along the lines of:

yeah yeah yeah ask either d00d what the other d00d would say – then do the opposite – then smack em both upside the head for gettin in yer way (billyjoebob)

You can ask the question to either of them…
“If I were to ask the other tribesman which path led to safety, what would he say?”
If you asked the one who always lies, he would then give you the opposite answer of the one who always tells the truth…so he would point to certian death. If you asked the one who always tells the truth, then he would give you the actual answer of the one who always lies…so he would also point to certian death. Therefore, you would take the path that they didn’t choose. It was on an old episode of “Doctor Who”…:) (atroxi)

Sound logic, but um… there is only one native there. This is not exactly the liar/truthful tribesman riddle. It’s a variant (I hope I’m right in saying that).

“Are you a liar?” (red scare)

Doesn’t work. Both will say “no” and that won’t get you anywhere.

Answer: If I were you, which way would you tell me to go? (Kevin)

This one doesn’t work either. I don’t think I’ve actually received the correct answer yet.