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Apr 00

On Travelling…

Gavern wrote:

Hey man, you have my sympathies – just saw your *travel log* showing the 7:05am to 8:55am journey time. Urghhhhh.

Couple of years ago I lived in Richmond & worked in Pymble. Even by motorbike that was an hour each way, which was a great ride both ways – especially through Galston Gorge.

But I CAN understand the horror you go through each morning and evening, ‘cos there was a 3 month period when the bike was off the road that I had to train it every day – 6:30am to 9:00am and 5:00pm to 7:30pm with changes at Riverstone, Blacktown, North Sydney and EVEN sometimes at Gordon.

Bugger that for a joke – I now work in the heart of the city and live a 5 minute walk away, less than 1 km. But still I ride to work sometimes – just for the fun of cutting up the traffic!!!  (Well, in Perth anyway…..)


That’s a hell of a lot of line changes! And 2.5 hours is a killer travel time…

I don’t drive in because (i) Petrol Prices, (ii) Parking in North Sydney (or the city) – there isn’t, (iii) You can’t sleep and drive (and live) at the same time. Incidentally I got into UNSW’s Week 8’s Blitz magazine, in the travel article.