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Apr 00

Official Apology

The following conversion took place yesterday between me and Dom.

Dominic: why does my name appear not once but TWICE in sexual contextes on your page?
Inferno: hehe your guess is as good as mine :)
Dominic: i think you made up those two msgs. heh.
Dominic: with apologies to Roosh? wheres the apologies to Dom.. ? =/
Dominic: hehehe.
Inferno: ok tomorrow you will receive an official 10 page apology :)
Dominic: im fuckin quoting you on that. hehehe. <gets big stick labeled “Stu-Whacker” out>
Inferno: you may feel free to do so, I will follow up on that :)

So, here it is. An official 10 page apology in a PDF.

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