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Apr 00

Mobile Phone Posts

[26/3/2000 11:52:27] If you are reading this, it means posting to Hear Ye! with my mobile phone has been successful! Cool.
[26/3/2000 12:04:04] I can just tell that this is going to keep me entertained the whole day…
[26/3/2000 12:06:02] Crontab test.
[26/3/2000 12:11:01] I wish I had this working this morning when Cityrail kept me waiting 30 minutes to buy a damn train ticket.
[26/3/2000 12:25:08] Connectivity, baby.
[26/3/2000 16:00:08] Only one more hour till I knock off from work :)
[26/3/2000 22:20:02] Experimental idea for tomorrow: post my location as I move from home to the city. I’m still in the city… gonna be dead tired tomorrow :/

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