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Apr 00

Mission To Mars

I wonder if there wasn’t some message in this to NASA and co. to stop screwing about and do something. Just about every human, sci-fi fan or not, has a certain fascination with space. I’m sure you’ve thought at length at one stage or another about this “final frontier”. Whilst some people have branded Mission To Mars as being too simplistic, I reckon it was quite effective in what it did. A sort of attempt to rekindle out imagination and interest in spacefaring. Public interest has always been there for this sort of thing, but I’m guessing no where as strong as, say, when Man set foot on the moon. The realistic special effects touched on such fascinating things as weightlessness, the vacuum and coldness of space, micrometeors and of course, artificial gravity caused by rotation. The date the film was set in was 2020, which I believe is realistic. The barrier as to when Man gets to Mars is certainly not technological, but economical and political.

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