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Apr 00


Although I couldn’t quite put a finger on what the points of this movie were, it managed to maintain my attention for the full three hours it ran for. Not an easy task. If there was a point to it all, it was incredibly elusive. Every time you think they are getting somewhere, they snatch the “somewhere” away and start again. True, it got annoying, but I still found some of the things in it interesting. Quite a cerebral movie, good for a quiet night out. And since I can’t offer a review of it because I still haven’t worked out for sure what it was about, just go to IMDB for a review. It’s a review I would agree with.

One thing I noticed. Both this movie and The Beach have both had narrators making some comment along the lines of “it’s something you always see in the movies” (and of course, we are fully conscious that we are watching a movie).