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Apr 00


It’s always intriguing to read diaries. Much more so diaries which you understand what the person is going on about. Found this online diary called Gypsy run by Beverly through Renai last night. She’s a first year student at UNSW living in college. What’s coincidental is that I was talking to another friend about a fatality that happened at UNSW a few weeks back when a truck rolled down a hill and crushed a girl. It happened on a Thursday, and had I not decided to skip uni that day, my normal route would’ve taken me right through the area where the accident occurred (near the Elec Eng building, I think). The conclusion was – the closer death is to you, the more it makes you pause and think about it. Perhaps due to the self-centered mindset of, “that could’ve been me”? Regardless, Beverly witnessed the accident first hand. An account that’s significantly more involving than the dry n e ws article that was written on it. The closer things are to you, the more interesting they are (obvious or not?). Nonetheless, I found this incriminating picture of Renai that made me crack up :). There’s also this and this. Sheesh. College students.