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Apr 00

Galaxy Quest

When an Aussie cinema audience gives a rare round of applause at the end of (and throughout!) a movie, you know it’s a winner. This movie is an absolute classic! One of the best parodies since Spaceballs, it’s been a long time since I laughed so much and so hard at a movie. Galaxy Quest is a send up of Trek and the Trek culture. It’s chock full of Trekkie in-jokes, but that doesn’t reduce its enjoyability to non sci-fi fans. The movie is cleverly written and sustains the laughter right through. Even though it’s a parody movie, which are notorious for B Grade special effects, they’ve not spared any expense with the special effects and they look wonderful. This film is perfect for a night when you want something to make you laugh your ass off :). Just watch it – you’ll love it. Something to get on DVD.

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