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Apr 00

Communal Crier

From Intek (those are some swank prizes, but why do I get the feeling they are… OEM versions? :) –

Misunderstood & Ellicit will be holding the “Design A Splash Contest” for 1 month (4.23.00-5.23.00). We want it to really be big so we are asking your help. All we ask is that you plug us and tell people about it. Thanks man. Http://misunderstood.convicted.net and http://www.ellicit.org


1st Prize: Your choice of Windows 2000 Professional , Office 2000 Premium , Adobe Photoshop 5.5 or Quake III Arena. Also your splash will appear on either Misunderstood or Ellicit.
2nd Prize: Office 2000.
3rd Prize: Quake III Arena

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