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Mar 00

Work this Week..

10th week of work and 5 days left in the Ops Center doing Tech Support, then a week of the first subject in +I training (TCP/IP, I think). They are sending me off to IPS on Clarence street for most of the upcoming week to set up a standard operating environment for them.

In uni, the Info Sys labs are screwed. None of the lab exercises have worked due to the fact that someone didn’t set everything up correctly. I can’t believe my (bad) luck – my Advanced Database Systems tutor is the same one I got last year for another subject. She has an unpronounceable first name, “Zixiu”, an undecipherable accent and an obstinate personality. Anyway, she was lending out copies of Oracle to assignment groups for home use, but only if we gave her our student card or driver’s license (until the CD was returned). And she was adamant about that. My student card doubles as a concession card and gives me 50% off travel fares. That’s a saving of $22 a week, and I was buggered if I was going to give my card to her to keep for a week. Couldn’t give her my license either – buying a $22 train ticket but not being able to drive home from the station isn’t very good is it? She wouldn’t accept last year’s student card either. Luckily Joel was willing to give his in. Why did she have to be so difficult?!